Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wall Light Fixture

Wall Light Fixture
Wall Light Fixture
 Wall light fixture are an essential part of establishing the mood and creating the ambiance of a room. Sconces, swivel-arms, wall cans and make-up lights are some of the most widely used wall lighting fixtures.

Sconces are wall fixtures that are based upon lighting fixtures that held candles or torches during the days of castles and palaces. Usually placed in pairs, sconces flank doors, windows, paintings and even the breast of a fireplace. A sconce is usually placed 5'6" from the floor, although it may vary depending on the specific requirement of the job. Low level lighting is usually recommended for this type of wall light fixture.

Swivel-Arm wall light fixture are task lamps. These are usually the lamps you see with extended arms which swings about in any direction and provides illumination for specific activities like reading in bed or sitting in a chair, working at a desk or when playing cards at a table.

A wall can light is another type of a wall light fixture which functions as a task light similar to a swivel armed fixture. Previously, table lamps were used as task lights in the bedroom. These provide individual lights for the occupants and were placed on each of the night tables.

Make up lights are usually incandescent bulbs outlining a mirror. A directional light is usually created by a ceiling light with a strong downlight shine. A make-up mirror casts a broad shadowless light. So, when you are renovating your home, don't forget to add some wall light fixture for mood and ambient lighting.

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