Friday, May 29, 2015

Pool Table Lights Fixtures

When you are selecting a pool table lights the main thing you need to keep in mind is the overall lighting scheme of your pool room. It's really best to have most of your light focused on the pool table, and much less lighting surrounding its immediate vicinity, at least while the table is in use. Bright lighting everywhere else in the room will wash out the shadowing around the object balls and pockets that normally help you analyze your aim and line of sight. This will distract you when you are shooting, and make it very difficult to focus. This is one of the reasons most pool halls are very dark except for their pool table lights.

Pool Table Lights Fixtures Setting
Pool Table Lights Fixture

When hanging a pool table light, the trick is to get it high enough so that it floods the whole table with light, but low enough so that the glare doesn't get into players' eyes. Therefore, the pool table lights should be hung about 32" from the playing surface, or about 62 to 70.

Now, when you have a pool table and pool room designed for entertaining, it is imperative to have a light fixture that enhances the visual appeal of not only you pool table, but the whole room as well. You're going to be spending a lot of time in this new dream room of yours, so you'd better not cheap-out with a poor design! Choosing stained glass pool table lights can help set the mood for an entire room, or a dark non-descript fixture might work better to let other features of the room design stand out pleasantly. Again, I speak with the bias of one who loves the game of pool and its ambiance. I'm strongly suggesting that you give careful attention to the complete design of your pool room. You really want to do justice to your pool table and the money you've spent on it.

Traditional pool table lights usually have two or three rounded lamps, made of any of a variety of composite materials, such as stained wood, brass, wrought iron, smoked glass, and other materials. Modern or contemporary lights have clean lines, sharp looks, and imaginative colors to fit a more urban, artsy lifestyle. Tiffany and stained glass lights have rich, luxurious designs that evoke taverns from the 1800s saloons to today's favorite watering holes. You can even buy themed lights such as ones with your home football team logo emblazoned on the side. No matter what theme you choose to follow, remember that there is an ideal height for hanging your pool table lights fixture. It will be slightly different for each one, but on average you're expecting about forty inches from table-top to the bottom of the light fixture. Your main concern should be that the light bulbs don't glare into your eyes. But you've also got to be sure that the fixture does not clunk you in the head every time you lean in to take a shot.

I mention this because in some basement pool rooms the ceiling is so low that creative options must be explored to get the lighting level correct. Without the proper height, you will always be distracted by the ungainliness of your pool table light.

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