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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vanity Light Fixtures

Vanity light fixtures are great-looking lights that can completely transform the looks of the place where you install these lights.  This includes the bathroom mirror, the dressing table mirror and one or more of the other rooms. For now I will discuss about bathroom vanity lighting

Bathroom vanity light fixtures comes with a set of vertical or semi-vertical lights hanging from horizontal bars. There are also vanity lights that point upwards rather than downwards with respect to the fitting of the bar. A bathroom vanity light fixture will practically always contain more than one lamp. In fact they may contain from two and up to five lamps or so. The lamps look fantastic with modern and classic designs.

Fitting a bathroom mirror light should be done around six feet above the ground. These lights best go with wide mirrors. Fit the light on the top of the mirror so that you get a clear vision while shaving or applying make ups. If you go for a choice of higher number of vanity light fixtures then do not make the light lamps too powerful to avoid getting dazzled by the mirror's reflection.

In summary, using bathroom vanity light fixtures properly can simultaneously improve the looks and the practical usability of your bathroom. Plan carefully based upon your bathroom's design and go for a good vanity light fixture.