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Monday, February 23, 2015

Rustic Light Fixtures

Rustic light fixtures will make rustic home theme be perfect. Rustic light look great not just in rustic-themed rooms but also in other types of room themes. Rustic lighting gives a home a lived in, warm feel. They are also very artistic in nature. They bring the elements from outside to the inside warming your home with not only light, but with genuine warmth and a down home feeling. There are so many choices that finding a rustic light fixtures for your home is simple. To help you choose the perfect lighting fixture for your needs, here are some great rustic lighting ideas.

  • One of the most original rustic lighting ideas is an antler candle holder. Just create a hole in the middle of the antler where you can put your candles. You can also install a light bulb into the antler.

  • You can also use wood trims or twigs to create a rustic lamp. If you have a plain lamp at home, just glue twigs of the shad or you can create a base made of wood trim. This will instantly transform your boring old lamp to something that looks very rustic.

  • Another great idea is by using dried, sturdy leaves. Go outside a collect some dried leaves that have fallen from a tree. Dip them in shellac and paint them in different colors or a single color, depending on your preference. Glue them one by one on your lamp shade. This is a very cheap and unique way to create a rustic lighting décor.

  • For your kids' bedroom, you can create a lampshade with pictures of animals such as horses, sheep, chickens, or dogs. If you know how to paint, you can paint these animals on a piece of white fabric that you can sue to cover the lamp shade. You can also create a miniature wheel of a wagon that pioneers used to travel to the West. Put this on the base of the lamp, adding a rustic touch to this once plain lighting décor.

These are some great idea for rustic light fixtures. Choose the ones that you like best and that will perfectly complement your room's decors.