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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Drum Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Drum pendant lighting have dramatically risen in popularity in recent years. Pendant lights dangle from the ceiling offering a subtle more focused light in specific locations. From formal to casual, they are appearing in a wide range of sophisticated room settings. Drum pendant lights alludes to the drum shaped lampshade over it that helps to focus the light into the area below the light, offering a unique decorative style to the lamp.

Drum pendant lighting offers you a contemporary, unique look that catches the eye and offers the right lighting for most any space. Not only does it offer a great decorative look to that space but it's also a great way to focus light in a specific task area where extra light would be of particular use. Kitchens, bars, sink areas and desks can make particularly good locations for this type of lighting.

Drum shade pendant light - Drum pendant lighting is also available with a wide variety of shades, colors, styles and widths to fit your own sense of style and the space where you prefer to place it. You can alter how muted or bold the lighting is by using bolder styles and colors for a sharper more decorative look or by using a much softer more utilitarian look for rooms in which you'd like an understated lighting style. Drum pendant lights can also be hung in varying lengths, which can be increased or decreased to create different effects.

Latest Trends in Drum Pendant Lights:

Energy Efficient. Many energy efficient styles are available, including cutting-edge dimmable fluorescent options!
Bold Patterned Shades. Much like some of the most popular lamp styles, pendants are appearing with patterned fabric shades.\Bronze or Stainless Finishes.

Let's take the example of the lighting In the kitchen, pendant drum light can provide different lighting in a room. One could carry on with meal preparation using these lights, at the same time feeling good about the nice ambiance that the light brings. There are different sizes for this type of lighting. If you have a quality little kitchen, you could go for those with smaller diameters. For larger kitchens, large drum pendant light would be perfect.

And, for living rooms, a drum pendant lighting is very appealing too. You can expect your living area to look radiant, thereby giving your home a better look. You can see these lights glowing beautifully, making your home a wonderful place for the whole family.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vanity Light Fixtures

Vanity light fixtures are great-looking lights that can completely transform the looks of the place where you install these lights.  This includes the bathroom mirror, the dressing table mirror and one or more of the other rooms. For now I will discuss about bathroom vanity lighting

Bathroom vanity light fixtures comes with a set of vertical or semi-vertical lights hanging from horizontal bars. There are also vanity lights that point upwards rather than downwards with respect to the fitting of the bar. A bathroom vanity light fixture will practically always contain more than one lamp. In fact they may contain from two and up to five lamps or so. The lamps look fantastic with modern and classic designs.

Fitting a bathroom mirror light should be done around six feet above the ground. These lights best go with wide mirrors. Fit the light on the top of the mirror so that you get a clear vision while shaving or applying make ups. If you go for a choice of higher number of vanity light fixtures then do not make the light lamps too powerful to avoid getting dazzled by the mirror's reflection.

In summary, using bathroom vanity light fixtures properly can simultaneously improve the looks and the practical usability of your bathroom. Plan carefully based upon your bathroom's design and go for a good vanity light fixture.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Different types of bathroom lighting fixtures can be used to provide excellent lighting in bathrooms. The type of lighting used can help to make the bathroom appear bigger or smaller. Transforming the lighting in a bathroom through the use of various bathroom fixtures is also one of the cheapest ways to decorate or update your bathroom.

It is very important that a bathroom is fitted with good lighting fixtures. It is believed that a proper ventilated bathroom and a properly lit bathroom looks wonderful when compared to a bathroom that is dimly lit.

Nowadays, there are many forms of lighting fixtures used and each fixture has its own function.  Some of the fixtures are chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconce, recessed light, track lights and floor lamps.

Recessed lighting is a very common choice for providing ambient lighting from the ceiling. These types of lighting fixtures are very simple and may be circular in shape. They can prove the most difficult to install as they have no hanging parts but rather are located in the ceiling. Recessed bathroom lighting fixtures are perfect lighting because their unique design they are not able to collect any of the moisture produced in the bathroom or any dust.