Sunday, May 31, 2015

Swimming Pool Lights Options

Swimming pool lights are not just beautiful, they enhance safety. If you want to use the pool at night, then make sure to install good quality lights. In fact, swimming at night is not safe unless the sides and bottom of the pool are illuminated. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for just plain, boring circular white lights. Swimming pool lights are now available in numerous styles and colors, and there is much more scope now for putting your personal taste to work when designing your pool lighting.

Swimming Pool Lights Options
Swimming Pool Lights Options

With in-ground swimming pools, the lights are usually put in when the pool is constructed. The advantage here is that you can make very creative choices. In addition to plain lights necessary for safety, some pool owners put fiber optic lighting in patterns on the floor of the pool and then grout over the cables. Once the grout has cured and the pool is filled, the lights on the bottom of the pool resemble stars and give a fairy-tale glow to your pool.

Lights for above ground pools can be attached in numerous ways. Some simply hook over the top of the pool wall, while others are installed into the pool's return line, and others can be mounted to the side of the pool. Though each style has its good and bad points, many pool owners like the lights that hook over the top of the pool because there is no drilling required. Also, these lights can be moved as necessary.

While some purely functional illumination is necessary for safety, the addition of colored lights gives a pool a lovely, dreamy glow. Some have colored lenses that snap into place, while others have a rotating color wheel to gradually change the light colors.

These days floating lights are also available. Such lights give a beautiful look to the pool and are much cheaper than the original ones. These work on a rechargeable battery and can run for about 4 hours. Some lights work on solar energy. Since they do not use electricity, you can save your money as well as energy by installing such lights in your pool.

Then there are LED pool lights, which can work up to 10 hours. These pool lights give a beautiful effect to your pool. You can also use color-changing LED lights. Fiber optic swimming pool lights are much in vogue today. They are easy to install and use. Use good quality pool lights to make your swimming safe and enjoyable.

Swimming pool lighting is a great way to express your creativity, improve safety, and beautify your environment at the same time. All this you can get if using a good swimming pool lights.

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