Sunday, May 31, 2015

Swimming Pool Lights Options

Swimming pool lights are not just beautiful, they enhance safety. If you want to use the pool at night, then make sure to install good quality lights. In fact, swimming at night is not safe unless the sides and bottom of the pool are illuminated. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for just plain, boring circular white lights. Swimming pool lights are now available in numerous styles and colors, and there is much more scope now for putting your personal taste to work when designing your pool lighting.

Swimming Pool Lights Options
Swimming Pool Lights Options

Friday, May 29, 2015

Pool Table Lights Fixtures

When you are selecting a pool table lights the main thing you need to keep in mind is the overall lighting scheme of your pool room. It's really best to have most of your light focused on the pool table, and much less lighting surrounding its immediate vicinity, at least while the table is in use. Bright lighting everywhere else in the room will wash out the shadowing around the object balls and pockets that normally help you analyze your aim and line of sight. This will distract you when you are shooting, and make it very difficult to focus. This is one of the reasons most pool halls are very dark except for their pool table lights.

Pool Table Lights Fixtures Setting
Pool Table Lights Fixture

When hanging a pool table light, the trick is to get it high enough so that it floods the whole table with light, but low enough so that the glare doesn't get into players' eyes. Therefore, the pool table lights should be hung about 32" from the playing surface, or about 62 to 70.

Now, when you have a pool table and pool room designed for entertaining, it is imperative to have a light fixture that enhances the visual appeal of not only you pool table, but the whole room as well. You're going to be spending a lot of time in this new dream room of yours, so you'd better not cheap-out with a poor design! Choosing stained glass pool table lights can help set the mood for an entire room, or a dark non-descript fixture might work better to let other features of the room design stand out pleasantly. Again, I speak with the bias of one who loves the game of pool and its ambiance. I'm strongly suggesting that you give careful attention to the complete design of your pool room. You really want to do justice to your pool table and the money you've spent on it.

Traditional pool table lights usually have two or three rounded lamps, made of any of a variety of composite materials, such as stained wood, brass, wrought iron, smoked glass, and other materials. Modern or contemporary lights have clean lines, sharp looks, and imaginative colors to fit a more urban, artsy lifestyle. Tiffany and stained glass lights have rich, luxurious designs that evoke taverns from the 1800s saloons to today's favorite watering holes. You can even buy themed lights such as ones with your home football team logo emblazoned on the side. No matter what theme you choose to follow, remember that there is an ideal height for hanging your pool table lights fixture. It will be slightly different for each one, but on average you're expecting about forty inches from table-top to the bottom of the light fixture. Your main concern should be that the light bulbs don't glare into your eyes. But you've also got to be sure that the fixture does not clunk you in the head every time you lean in to take a shot.

I mention this because in some basement pool rooms the ceiling is so low that creative options must be explored to get the lighting level correct. Without the proper height, you will always be distracted by the ungainliness of your pool table light.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Outdoor Globe String Lights

Globe string lights are often used for the party outdoors because it is innovative and very stylish. Many styles that you can create with the use of string lights, these lights are also cheaper than other types of lamps. It is the more you can save you money and maximize for the purpose of other parties.

Not only for the party, globe string lights can also be used to decorate the garden or outdoor d├ęcor of your home. By strategically placing outdoor string lights in your yard, the area can have a livelier look. These lights can be placed almost anywhere in the area. For example, they can be hung up on a fence, or put them up in a tree. They can also be strung around some bushes.

Outdoor Globe String Lights
Outdoor Globe String Lights

String lights are available in many different shapes. Globe lights have a round, ball shape, and are an excellent option for general decorating as they are understated, and their usage would not be limited to a certain space or event. String lights are also available in a multitude of colors, and so one can pick the color according to personal preference. One might decide to use green lights to correspond with the greenery. One might prefer a colorful look, in which case one can purchase string lights with bulbs of different colors. Another option is picking a color theme of your choice, such as green and red, which would give the space a truly festive atmosphere. If you cannot decide on a color, white globe string lights are a terrific option. They are simple, classy, and timeless.

Think about if the lights will be used for everyday, outdoor decoration, or if they are for a specific event. This will help decide on which color and design to purchase, as there are so many options available. As already stated, globe string lights are a smart choice, because they are appropriate for general all-round use. They can be purchased from retailers or over the Internet. When making a purchase, think about how many lights you want to get, as the strings of light come in varying lengths

Monday, May 25, 2015

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Low voltage landscape lighting is the result evolution of lighting technology for years and have come to enjoy great popularity in terms of outdoor lighting. One reason is because of its unmatched decorative enhancement for all types and forms of landscapes. Additionally, it is cost-effective when compared to the high-voltage types; so many people are enjoying its high potential for reducing money allotment for its installation and maintenance. More than this, one reason why the low voltage landscape lights is the choice of many is because it is much safer for homes that have small children and pets, since it delivers a charge insufficient to cause lethal shock and serious injury.

low voltage outdoor lighting systems
low voltage outdoor lighting systems

Tungsten filament lamps were the traditional materials for the making of standard landscape lights. The colors they give off are perfect for bringing out and enhancing the rich tones of wood, stucco, masonry, and other home architectural keynotes. In the vast world of landscape lightning, the types that are still highly valued would be the incandescent lamps. This is because of their ability to be dimmed to create ambience, mood and several lightning effects. However, low voltage landscape lighting burn out very quickly. Even though they are considered the cheapest lighting fixtures with regards to the front-end costs, their lamp lives are short such that they need to be replaced annually. This is what makes them expensive to operate and replace.

Low voltage landscape lights, on the other hand, offer a cheaper and more cost-effective alternative to illuminate the landscape. Most of these fixtures would only need 12 volts, which presents a marginal power cost. This is what makes them ideal light fixtures to maintain and illuminate landscaping features that would need continuous illumination to magnify their aesthetics. The landscape lighting are cheaper than the high voltage incandescent lights when it comes to initial installation, as they would not require certain conduit just to house their wirings. However, since the low voltage wires are buried in the ground without protective covering, they can be easily cut and damaged with a shovel by people who are tending to the lawns and gardens. It is best, then, to have a professional install these low voltage landscape lighting to minimize the risk of physical equipment damage.

One popular and ideal place to install these landscape lights would be a part of the garden that is characterized by subdued conversation and intimate gatherings. Low voltage landscape lighting would normally be used to illuminate the surroundings of outdoor fireplaces, inducing a certain sense of warmth. Outdoor kitchens and arbors are also ideal places to install these lights, as the wires and fixtures can be hidden effectively in the structure themselves. This would make the structure appear magically luminous, which adds attraction and brightens the mood of people in gatherings and various events.

Low voltage landscape lights are the ideal alternatives to other landscape lighting. Not only are they the cheapest form of lighting, they are also the safest for everyone to use. Just remember to look for the reliable manufacturers in order to maximize the benefits of the low voltage landscape lighting.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Led Landscape Lighting Fixtures

solar led landscape lighting
solar led landscape lighting
 LED landscape lighting is the latest and greatest improvement in lighting in decades. It is eco-friendly, bright, and lasts a long time. The application of LED's as landscape lighting fixtures was realized in the later half of the 20th century as more and more people focused in furthering lawn improvements and finding new ways to enhancing landscape designs with lights that would not pose much risk and at the same time would cut the operational cost over time.

One of the great benefits of LED landscape lighting is that they come in a range of colors and you can really get creative with them. Think about how you could use blue LEDs to highlight a portion of your garden that has Blue Salvia or a cascading fountain. Or how a red LED could be used to do the same with mass plantings of  red Petunias or Geraniums. The possibilities are endless! Many times LED lighting is used in the modern themed landscape to accentuate architectural features, such as columns, fountains or planters.

But, here are a few disadvantages that you should consider when thinking about LED landscape lighting. If you live in the northern states, snow accumulation on the lights can be a problem since they do not produce enough heat to keep snow and ice melted off of the casing. They run at about 60 degrees celsius, which is great in most circumstances, but freezing and bursting can also be an issue for those in cold climates. Also, LEDs don't produce quite as much light as halogens and incandescents so keep that in mind when designing your system. You may want to use a mixture of incandescent, globe lighting and LED lighting in your landscape to adequately light your space. However, some manufacturers are making advances in technology allowing them to offer LED light products that are comparable to the traditional incandescent lights.

Overall, LED lighting is a great way to add creativity and flavor to the landscape. Plus, the savings that they offer in terms of energy make it an attractive option for outdoor lighting. LED landscape lighting is a safe and effective way to light up yards. There are several varieties including lights that can be mounted to shine down from above or placed in the ground to illuminate from below. There are lights that can be placed around walkways as well as lights that can be placed in plant pots in order to illuminate them as well. Rope lights also offer homeowners a creative way to highlight some of their favorite plants and landscaping attributes. LED landscape lighting is a safe and cost efficient way to highlight a yard even in the darkest of hours.