Thursday, April 9, 2015

LED Landscape Lighting Ideas

LED landscape lighting is the latest and greatest improvement in lighting in decades. It is eco-friendly, bright, and lasts a long time. Using LED lights in the landscape is a great way to be able to see your yard during the hours of darkness. Using landscape lighting has many different benefits from the added security of being able to see into your yard to the visual appeal it gives when used as an accent lighting for a focal point in the landscape.

One of the great benefits of LED landscape lighting is that they come in a range of colors and you can really get creative with them. Think about how you could use blue LEDs to highlight a portion of your garden that has Blue Salvia or a cascading fountain. Or how a red LED could be used to do the same with mass plantings of  red Petunias or Geraniums. The possibilities are endless! Many times LED lighting is used in the modern themed landscape to accentuate architectural features, such as columns, fountains or planters.

The Environment and Cost Savings

Keep your home green using LED landscape lighting. LED lights are extremely efficient, especially when you compare them to standard halogen bulbs. LED's use 90 percent less energy than halogen bulbs which means you pay only around 10 percent of the normal costs when it comes to your electric bill. LED's are also produced without using harmful and poisonous chemicals such as mercury, which is another great reason to use them.

LED's have an incredible lifetime. When you compare these bulbs to halogen lights you can see the amazing differences between them. Standard halogens last for about 3000 hours while specialty halogens last for about 12000. LED's last much longer at about 40000 hours of life. If you turned them on and never turned the lights off they would last for around 4 and a half years in total.

The best lighting that is available today is LED landscape lighting. Incorporating it into the garden does take a financial investment but that investment pays off in safety, energy savings and creating a more beautiful landscape.

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