Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hanging Light Fixtures Type

A hanging light is generally not mounted directly on the ceiling but has some sort of apparatus between the light and the mounting surface. Types of lights that hang are pendants and chandeliers with varieties and styles being in the thousands. You are able to hang these lights both inside and outside as both are widely available and you will be able to install this lighting yourself with the aid of one of the many do it yourself instructions that you can find online.

Chandeliers Lighting
Chandeliers Lights
Chandeliers Lights
Early on this type of lighting took on the form of a cross where candles were placed on wooden spikes and it was used in large meeting halls or places of assembly. Later the chandelier became a symbol of luxury and status showing off ring and crown designs. By the early 18th century forms of the chandelier could be found with many candles in merchant class homes. Glass development in this time frame led to cheaper lead crystal production and with the light scattering capabilities of the refractive glass, born was the crystal chandelier. Today this large hanging light is used more for decor than light and is usually made to be the focal point of a room though there are many smaller variations that are used for lighting as well.

Pendants Lighting
Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights
Among the more popular hanging light fixtures for the modern home is the pendant light that traditionally can be installed by removing an existing light and installing a long spindal with a cord that can be adjusted for height. At the bottom are many different styles of light fixtures where you can install your light bulb. With so many of us wanting to show off originality in our decor, pendants seem to be the way to go as they come in all shapes and sizes and can be from one spindal to many. This type of hanging light is also usually the center or focal point of a room and is often utilized over the dining room table.

Outdoors Lighting
Outdoor Lights
With so many of us having expanded our living space to incorporate outdoor areas, hanging lights have become very popular items for us to utilize in these spaces. Bright spot lights and soft or cool ambient lighting are commonly used outside. Outdoor hanging lights can be installed from ceilings on the patio area as well as from posts or trees often using arms or brackets from which the spindal or chains are hooked.

With the vast variety of style available today in hanging lights they can be easily incorporated for use in any room of your home inside or out. If you have a space that you would like to have lit, you will be able to find the perfect hanging light to illuminate that space. Hanging lights can be used practically or as a decorative accent in any space and are easily installed by you or a lighting contractor. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2991484

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