Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen lighting fixtures will brighten your kitchen space, an area where most of us spend a large amount of our time, and add style and value to your home. There are a vast array of fixtures from which to choose: over island lights, chandeliers, ceiling, for low ceiling, light with fans, over table lighting, mini-pendants, track lighting, pot racks, recessed lighting and under-cabinet lights to name just a few.

Kitchen light fixtures can be as intricate or as simple as your taste. Many people who are updating wish to go with energy efficient lighting. More and more manufacturers are producing their kitchen lighting fixtures so that they are compatible with more energy efficient lighting.

Lighting for your kitchen can be categorized into task, ambient, accent and decorative and by using a balance of the different types of lighting you will able to achieve the optimum effect. Task kitchen lighting fixtures are used in areas of high activity; for example, if you have a workstation where you pay bills or where the kids do their homework. Pendant lights work great here as well as over the sink.

Accent lighting is nice for areas that you wish to draw attention to like a tile backsplash or an intricate piece of pottery in your kitchen. Ambient lighting is used to fill in shadows so you can navigate through the room without being overpowered by the brilliance of a bright light. Decorative lighting is a little bit of all of the other three types of kitchen lighting fixtures as you will want all your kitchen lighting to be attractive and compliment your d├ęcor.

By placing your kitchen lighting fixtures in an area where they will make the most difference you will easily be able to define the personality of your kitchen.

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