Saturday, February 28, 2015

Modern Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to modern lighting fixtures, there is a massive list of choice available regarding sizes, designs, shapes, etc. Texture, color and tone are believed to be the three vital aspects that can bring about a U-turn in the way your house appears. For example, table lamps in fluorescent can bring a dramatic change of a room with its mixture of a blue and green. Similarly, mirrors are now an in integral aspect of lighting that can in fact magnify it.

These modern light fixtures are made from sturdy materials. Plus, they use different types of finishes for sophisticated and attractive looks. You may find fixtures with any of the following finishes: chrome, brushed steel, flute glass, polished nickel, antique brass, black or white baked enamel and bronze.

Then, you can also benefit from devices that go with modern lighting. You can find dimmers for controlling the amount of light that comes from your modern flush mount fixture. There are low voltage reflectors and tracks that cater to your specific needs. In short, your modern lighting fixtures allow you to express yourself with these features.

In conclusion, modern lighting fixtures are not only functional pieces that give off light, but hey are also works of art. The modern fixtures just let you have your shot in designing your home without ever having to attend formal interior design classes and more to have that unique look and feel of your home.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pull Chain Light Fixture

Pull chain light fixtures are handy for basements and storage areas—until they quit working. This simplifies the wiring, but it also means that you can't turn off the wall switch when it's time to replace the fixture. Pull chain fixtures are made from either plastic or porcelain, but we recommend the porcelain because it withstands heat better and lasts longer.

A pull chain light fixture is easy to install and it is a great option for rooms that don't require a dedicated light switch, such as closets and basements.

Step 1 – Get the Ceiling Electrical Box : If you will be installing your light into existing drywall then get a cut-in ceiling box. If it will be installed before drywall or in a location without drywall, install a standard ceiling electrical box.

Step 2 – Preparing the Installation Location : Determine where you will be installing your pull chain light fixture. If it is a drywall ceiling, then cut out a circle using your drywall saw. Do not install your box yet.

Step 3 – Run the Wire : If possible, you should run the electrical wire through the attic or basement. If you are running it through the attic then use your staple gun to anchor it onto every third stud. Try to move it in strait lines but avoid sharp 90 degree turns. If you have to run it externally, then run it through conduit and mount the conduit to the wall and ceiling.

Step 4 – Install Your Ceiling Box : Push the wires through the cable channel of your electrical ceiling box. If you are using a drywall cut in box, tighten the screws on either side until it is tight and flush with the ceiling. If you are using a standard electrical box, hammer the nails into the stud you want your light mounted too.

Step 5 – Connect the Wires : Use your strippers to strip around 1inch of insulation from the wires. If you are using an insulated cable, such as romex, you can use a razor knife to slice either side and pull the outer insulation off. Connect the hot wire to the copper screw, the neutral wire to the silver screw and the ground to the green screw. Use your side cutter pliers to tightly wrap the wire around the screws.

Step 6 – Screw In the Pull Chain Light : Use a screwdriver to screw the pull chain light into the ceiling box.

Step 7 – Wire It to Electricity : Cut the power to the outlet that you will be working on using the circuit breaker. To be safe use a volt meter if you have one available to verify that the outlet is dead. Remove the outlet from the electrical box and wire your new electric wire up to the outlet. Remember, if this electrical outlet is attached to a switch, you must connect the wires to the constant hot side. Usually the top side is the constant hot side.

Turn on the breaker power. Pull the chain and you have light!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vanity Light Fixtures

Vanity light fixtures are great-looking lights that can completely transform the looks of the place where you install these lights.  This includes the bathroom mirror, the dressing table mirror and one or more of the other rooms. For now I will discuss about bathroom vanity lighting

Bathroom vanity light fixtures comes with a set of vertical or semi-vertical lights hanging from horizontal bars. There are also vanity lights that point upwards rather than downwards with respect to the fitting of the bar. A bathroom vanity light fixture will practically always contain more than one lamp. In fact they may contain from two and up to five lamps or so. The lamps look fantastic with modern and classic designs.

Fitting a bathroom mirror light should be done around six feet above the ground. These lights best go with wide mirrors. Fit the light on the top of the mirror so that you get a clear vision while shaving or applying make ups. If you go for a choice of higher number of vanity light fixtures then do not make the light lamps too powerful to avoid getting dazzled by the mirror's reflection.

In summary, using bathroom vanity light fixtures properly can simultaneously improve the looks and the practical usability of your bathroom. Plan carefully based upon your bathroom's design and go for a good vanity light fixture.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

t5 light fixtures vs t8 light fixtures

Let's take a look t5 light fixtures vs t8 light fixtures fluorescent technology and see how they stack up. This is important because the T5 lighting could cost you 2x more than T8 Lighting.  But the t5 lamp also has several advantages compared to t8 lamps. Let's start comparing.

- Size Of The Bulbs: A T5 bulb is roughly the same diameter as a $.10 dime.  A T8 bulb is closer to the size of a $.05 Nickel.  The T5 is the smaller of the 2

- While the chart above is generally true, it is important to evaluate the application and determine the cost benefit of T5 over T8.  By doing so, you will be able to determine if the increased efficiency of T5 justifies the increase in initial and long term maintenance costs.
T8 = higher efficiency

T5 = highest efficiency

Brightness Levels T8 vs T5

There are several different factors that determine levels of efficiency. The quality of light, often referred to as lumen output(also called "brightness" by the Department of Energy) is an important factor to consider. Quality of light measured is measured in CRI (Color Rendering Index), and quantity of light measured in LPW (Lumens per Watt).


Monday, February 23, 2015

Rustic Light Fixtures

Rustic light fixtures will make rustic home theme be perfect. Rustic light look great not just in rustic-themed rooms but also in other types of room themes. Rustic lighting gives a home a lived in, warm feel. They are also very artistic in nature. They bring the elements from outside to the inside warming your home with not only light, but with genuine warmth and a down home feeling. There are so many choices that finding a rustic light fixtures for your home is simple. To help you choose the perfect lighting fixture for your needs, here are some great rustic lighting ideas.

  • One of the most original rustic lighting ideas is an antler candle holder. Just create a hole in the middle of the antler where you can put your candles. You can also install a light bulb into the antler.

  • You can also use wood trims or twigs to create a rustic lamp. If you have a plain lamp at home, just glue twigs of the shad or you can create a base made of wood trim. This will instantly transform your boring old lamp to something that looks very rustic.

  • Another great idea is by using dried, sturdy leaves. Go outside a collect some dried leaves that have fallen from a tree. Dip them in shellac and paint them in different colors or a single color, depending on your preference. Glue them one by one on your lamp shade. This is a very cheap and unique way to create a rustic lighting décor.

  • For your kids' bedroom, you can create a lampshade with pictures of animals such as horses, sheep, chickens, or dogs. If you know how to paint, you can paint these animals on a piece of white fabric that you can sue to cover the lamp shade. You can also create a miniature wheel of a wagon that pioneers used to travel to the West. Put this on the base of the lamp, adding a rustic touch to this once plain lighting décor.

These are some great idea for rustic light fixtures. Choose the ones that you like best and that will perfectly complement your room's decors.